Welcome to Vancouver's only 24 hr Pet Psychic!

Conveniently located in Gastown at 238 Abbott St, we offer a full suite of paranormal practices for your furry friends.

Our Services

Guaranteed confidentiality from our 100% verified psychic practitioners.

Psychic Readings (Living)

What secrets lurk behind your pet's innocent eyes?

Psychic Readings (Deceased)

Reach beyond the veil to speak to your beloved once more

Aura Cleansing for Pets

Are the eyes the gateway to the soul? Kirlian photography reveals psychic obstructions

Past Life Regression for Pets

Was your pet once a Pharaoh's companion, or a barbaric warrior?

Crystal Healing for Pets

Our specially attuned resonant crystals cure various ailments


“Snackers was taken from me suddenly… 24hr Pet Psychics were able to give me the closure I needed.”
Jason K
“Gruffo was having difficulties with other animals, past life regression helped me understand the traumas he experienced as a Viking war hound.”
Alexis S


We are located at 238 Abbott St in Gastown (at Blood Alley) in Vancouver, BC. Visits by appointment only!


Q. Are you real psychics?

A. Yes! We employ only 100% certified psychic practitioners with years of experience in contacting pets.

Q. I think my pet is possessed

A. We are a science-based practice and as such can not assist with cases of demonic possession. You should seek out a religious figure of the appropriate faith to help.

Q. Are you actually a front for an occult speakeasy bar?

A. No, of course not! Our location was formerly occupied by several cats including the Revel Room which is presumably the source of this mistaken rumor. It would be a real eye-opener if this was true!

Contact us

Reach us at info@petpsychic.biz